Sunday, February 18, 2018

Weekly Links

See what's in the boys' Sleepy Spray HERE. It's also such a nice linen spray in general.

First, did you guys see that after four years I recently made the jump over to the business side for oils? I talked a bit about it on IG but I am SO excited about it. I was a little nervous to share, but once I got over that it's been just so much fun. I would really love for you to join me in our community (so much info and amazing, inspiring resources), and you can read more HERE if you want to sign up. You can also follow along on my separate IG HERE for tons of ways I use our Young Living products on the daily. We are switching our home over to be as non-toxic as possible, and many of the things we use I order monthly from YL. I'd be so excited to get you on board too so shoot me an email, DM, comment, whatever and I'd be happy to chat about it with you.

And now, some more links --

Did you pop over here from my IG post? The rings in the photo are from this shop.

Some more simple jewelry I love: all of these necklaces and these bracelets.

How lovely are these pregnancy affirmation cards? These would make a perfect gift. Found via my trainer Amy.

The downside of the work-life balance.

Have you tried mushroom-hot chocolate?

Free People has SO many amazing Spring shoes.

I'm drawn to this faux leather mini-dress.

How to break up with your phone.

Love: one, two, and three.

A fool-proof Italian dinner party plan.

I love Adam Rippon so much!

Why your weekly grocery bill is so high and how to change it.

What if everyone's student debt was forgiven?

13 things you should eat everyday for perfect skin.

Wishlist: any of these simple pieces, a new pair of short rainboots, and this jumpsuit.

And let's say I had $1,400 to spend on a pair of shoes, these would be them! Love.

8 people recall the best parties of their lives.

I love Tim Ferriss and I love reading about successful people's morning routines, so this article was super interesting.

And here are some more morning routines.

On what depression feels like.

Have you tried AGolde jeans yet? Moderately priced and great quality. I have my eye on a new pair of their high rise shorts which I think will be a major MUST-HAVE this summer.

And have you checked out this shoe brand? Under $100, on trend, and super cute.

Reading about things we hate.

And finally, one Grandmother's rule on love- a good read.


Tuesday, February 6, 2018

It's All Good Book Club: Book #1 Discussion Details

Okay, are you reading along with us this month? I wanted to check in and see what you all are thinking! The consensus online is that people are loving it so far, which is awesome! I also wanted to get a discussion date up on the calendar! Let's meet here on Tuesday, February 27th for our discussion. I'll make a post with some questions, then we can all discuss in the comments below. Sound good? There might only be a handful of us, but no worries! We will have a great time. Moving forward maybe we'll do an IG Live or FB group, but this is an easy way to get started and try this out. I'll share the questions that morning, then we can all hop in the comment section with opinions, reply to others, etc! We'll see how it goes. Easy breezy is the name of the game. And if you're late to grabbing the book, you still have a couple weeks so head over here and grab a copy. Happy reading!


Monday, February 5, 2018

Video: Strolling with Olive in the Ergobaby 180 Reversible Stroller

Olive and I made a little video for Ergobaby, highlighting their new stroller. Have you seen it? You can check out the stroller here and see the video below.

Also, shop my sweater here!


Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Current Favorite Books: Olive

Hello friends! I'm starting off a new series where I'll be talking about each of our current favorite books- Hank too! So much fun, right? For the first go-round I'll be sharing Olive's must-reads. ;) She definitely is developing preferences and favorites, and it's so neat to see what she gravitates towards. Whether you have a little reader yourself, one on the way, or just a little book-lover in your life, I hope you find some great new recs. Here we go:

1. Peek-A Who?

This is a MAJOR favorite for Olive right now. She loves to "read it" herself and always grabs this first. It's a really fun book for babies- you turn each page and reveal what's peeking out, and little ones love it.

2. The Secret Garden: A BabyLit Flowers Primer

So I'm not sure what it is about this book- we have a lot of the BabyLit books- but Olive absolutely loves this one. She hugs it like a stuffed animal, smiles at every turn of the page, and really lights up when I pull it off the shelf. It's the prettiest book too, so kids and parents can both enjoy.

3. Whose Feet?

This is the cutest book ever and I think I love it as much as Olive does! She loves holding onto the feet and turning the pages. I also enjoy that it's machine washable so there are no worries if the fabric gets messy.

4. Babies Love First Words

This lift-a-flap book is perfect for little hands and this is another one that makes Olive laugh and smile every time. Super cute illustrations and flaps to entertain baby, this is a daily favorite at our house!

5. Little Blue Truck

The bigger version of this book is a favorite of the boys, so I think it's only natural she would love this board book variation! It's a cute, shortened version of the longer story, easy hold with her little hands, and just a really fun book to read.

Enjoy, and happy reading!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

The It's All Good Book Club

No time to finish the book? It’s all good.

Skim it quickly on your phone and only sort of follow? It’s all good.

Read it cover to cover in 3 nights and can’t wait to chat about it? Yup, all good too.

Catching the theme here? Welcome to the "It's All Good Book Club." I usually cannot and WILL NOT do book clubs because I hate the pressure. I'll start off very excited but then start to get extremely annoyed with the looming deadline I've somehow placed on something that's supposed to be fun. Add in the feeling that other people are counting on me to finish the book too and also comprehend it enough to be able to discuss thank you. At age 35 I'm firmly in the camp of only choosing to do things that bring me joy, so if an extra-curricular activity doesn't fit the simple criteria of "does this make me happy?" I'm not having it.

So, I want this to be different. Every month or two I'll present a book. Join in if you want- read part of it, read all of it, but a month later we'll meet up in some capacity- maybe a FB group, maybe an IG Live, maybe just a photo with comments on IG- we'll see, and we'll talk about it. Nothing crazy, just discuss what we loved/didn't love, go over funny or inspiring bits, just grab a cup or tea or a glass of wine and chat about it. This isn't reinventing the wheel, nor is calling it by this name putting a fresh twist on anything, I know. But I just want it to feel loosey goosey and something that brings you JOY...and hopefully something you look forward to. The big focus isn't the discussion at the end- the most important part is the reading, and knowing that there are a bunch of other rad women reading the same thing as you. It's a good push to get reading, find new books, and really just take some time out of your busy day for you.

Check out this month's book here. I chose this book for a couple of reasons- one, my friend Janine recommended it to me and she has great taste, so I trust I'll love it also. Two, Reese Witherspoon loves the book and actually bought the film rights to it (so fun!), and three, I started it to make sure I'd like it and right off the bat it was a winner! Cheating? Maybe. But I didn't want to pick a terrible one the first time around. And finally, four- it seems like a light, sweet read. And we could all use a little more light and sweet considering the current world and political climate, right?

So go get the book, read it over the next month or so, and I'll announce a discussion date in a week or two. Let's aim to finish it in a month, okay? I usually read a few books a week but I've been out of practice over the holidays and into this month, so I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.

Let me know your thoughts, and if you're in! When you do get the book, post a photo on IG and tag me! I also made a collective hashtag if you want to join in, #iagbookclub. Talk to you soon and happy reading!


ps. see my sweater here and my jeans here!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Spring Window Shopping

Isn't this pic so fun? It's from before the Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters Gala in November. My dress is the one in the middle. ;) See us all dressed up here too!

Almost one month down in this new year! Crazy! Are you still feeling as hopeful as you did in the beginning of the year? I am, even thought it's already been a doozy! haha. When I asked you guys on IG Stories whether or not you liked "Wishlist Roundups" the overwhelming response was YES! 7% of you were a big, fat no. So this is not for you! To the other 93% of you go, 10 things for Spring with all sorts of fun warm-weather dreams attached. Enjoy!

1. LOVING this dress so much.

2. Target finds: these cute jeans and this swimsuit. I also like these swim bottoms!

3. All of the turtlenecks. Seriously, ALL of them. I have fully crossed over into the turtleneck fan club and I don't think I'll ever go back, even come spring. (hint: sort that list by price... ;))

4. Sweet spring jumpsuits: one, two, and three.

5. My MOST favorite jeans, now in black.

6. Plum has been such a go-to color for me lately. It just makes me happy! And this top is so cute.

7. Lace and a high neck- two of my favorite things. Love the white.

8. 2018 is the year I update all of my underwear! Have you tried this brand? I also love these for everyday comfort.

9. Madewell, you're the best. Love, love, and love.

10. Spring always makes me want to get a new clutch. These pretty ones are my favorites, but I would also love a sweet little straw one. And here is a cute, well-priced one too.

Hope you found something cute! xoxo

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

12 Hours of Sleep

This (grainy, happy) photo was from our trip to Austin a couple months back- I love all of their little faces here.

I've spent the last four nights getting at least 12 hours of sleep plus long naps, which means in the past handful of days I've gotten more sleep than I typically do in an entire week. I'll spare you more details of what happened Friday (my IG share covered the gist of it) but know I am feeling a little better and look forward to improving with more rest. Our bodies have a way of telling us to slow down and I'm listening now, for sure.

Anyway. I spent a lot of time in bed this past weekend, and with that a lot of reading, and a lot of browsing HBO, Netflix and iTunes. I couldn't pick anything to watch, so in the end I probably watched 50 previews. The one show that interested me the most though was Westworld, so I might start that tonight. Have you seen it? It was so weird though to be told to stay in bed and do nothing. I don't even remember the last time I did that, and even in the hospital on Friday I remember waking up from a little rest and telling Hank and the nurse how glorious it was to just LAY there.  Like most adults/parents/etc I don't typically just get to "lay there," so even though I just had my face stitched up and was feeling terrible, it was a treat to know my kids were well taken care of my family and friends (thank you), I had no work deadlines I was missing, and all was well and okay for me to just be for a bit, injured and all.

While spending that time in the hospital I thought a lot about my Dad. A day there (even a bad one!) was relaxing, but at the end I was feeling more than ready to go home. Over the past years my Dad has spent over a MONTH in the hospital at times, in the same bed, feeling too weak to do much else than turn the channel on the television. I also thought a lot about my everyday great health, how I am able to workout regularly and have the means to choose to eat healthy foods. It's hard to write this all out without hitting on so many cliches but point is, in this very tiny situation I have found myself in, I've found a lot of perspective.

Sunday was a good day spent at home. It was a snow day, and Hank let me sleep in again so I woke up to the kids' laughter and them playing in the backyard. I LOVED snow days when I was a little girl. I have very vivid memories of my Mom making hot chocolate when we got inside, and warming up by the fireplace downstairs. I try to make special memories for the kids when it comes to things like this too- but I often think of all the things my Mom probably did, and then the things I remember. When I think about food I recall English muffin pizzas, Kraft macaroni and cheese, Herr's potato chips...not the many nights I'm sure she created elaborate meals. Isn't that funny? It'll be interesting to see what my kids choose to remember when they're grown ups.

But again- 12 hours of sleep in ONE night- this was the most rejuvenating and healing thing I could have asked for. It made me realize how little I prioritize sleep and how I need to be better about it. It's something I know I need to work on, but then I'm here typing this at 9pm instead of shutting down my computer and picking up a book. I am going to wrap this up and get into bed though in just a minute, I swear. But on the topic of books, I've chosen a book we can all read together for our very slow and casual book club I mentioned last month. I'm considering calling it just that too. But yes- I'll share the book later this week and we can get to reading! I started it to make sure I would want to read it (because what is worse than feeling obligated to read something-  I refuse and just won't do it, which wouldn't have been good for the first go-round of the club!). But I hope we all like it. It's a lighter read, which is also good and much-needed.

A couple other things- one, with the sick season upon us I have been using my oils so much more and I think I'm going to add a little tab up there where you can follow along/sign up. My friend Jess has been telling me forever that I should share more, and at first I felt pretty apprehensive, but I don't think it's much different than any other type of affiliate marketing, or taking on a sponsored post that includes things I use and love. What do you guys think? So if you're one of the people who has been asking for more info, I'll share soon! Second, have you seen this poem, shared by singer Halsey at the women's march this past weekend? It's INCREDIBLE. And so sad...but please, watch it. I found myself crying while listening- it's very powerful.

Gotta love the random updates. I'm going to stay true to my early bedtime and sign off now, but I hope you have a great day tomorrow.